What is involved in the free site survey that you offer?

We offer a free, no obligation home site survey for anyone that is interested in getting a garden room or bespoke modular building.

One of our friendly, experienced site survey team members will visit you at your property at a time that is suitable to you. They will assess the access to your garden, the site where you would like your building and conduct a full electrical and utilities connection survey.

All aspects regarding designs options, add-on features, costs and options to suit your budget are discussed to see what is the best option for you.

All visits are carried out in accordance with all relevant COVID-19 protocols to ensure the safety of our customers and staff.

For a detailed breakdown of what happens during a site survey you can check here.


Will I need planning permission to build in my garden?

Garden rooms that are 25 square metres (270 sq ft) or less quality for an exemption from planning permission once an area of 25 square metres remains in the garden. During our site survey, we will inspect your property and can report on this definitively once the site survey is complete.

Do you offer your services throughout all of Ireland?

We offer our services throughout all of Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.

Do you design, build and install custom/bespoke designs?


Our team of architects, builders and installers can design, build and install just about any building. You can determine every single aspect of your modular building or garden room. The only limit is your imagination.

Will groundworks be needed before deliver and installation?


We require a flat, level site to install your garden room/modular build. We can undertake the groundwork’s for you at an additional charge. This is normally discussed during the free site survey.

How long will it take to deliver and build my garden room?

Depending on the modular build you choose (garden room, bespoke modular home), it can take anywhere up to 12 weeks for your modular build to be delivered.

Once delivered, it can take just 2 days for it to be installed and ready for use.

What if my property does not have easy rear or side access?

During the free site survey, an experienced member of our team will assess your property and the access to the location where your modular build will be installed.

If there is limited or no access to the required location, a crane may be needed to successfully deliver the modular build to its final destination.

Can I live in or use my building / garden room all year?


Our buildings are designed and built so they can be lived in and used all year round.

Can my garden room be connected to electricity and water?


Our experienced team perform an electrical and utilities connection assessment during the initial site survey to confirm that electricity, water and the Internet can be connected to your new modular build.

Can I get extra features added to my build? e.g. roof light?


There is no limit to the features that can be added to the customers garden room / modular build. Additional bespoke features are discussed with the customer during the site survey stage.

When is payment made and what are your payment terms?

We have a three stage payment process.

  1. 30% – The first payment stage requires a payment of 30% of the total cost when the order is placed. This payment will secure your order, build slot and installation date.
  2. 40% – The second payment stage requires a payment of 40% of the total cost. This payment is made upon the delivery of your new building.
  3. 30% – The final and third payment stage requires a payment of the remaining 30% of the total cost. This payment is made once the building is installed and fully completed.

Do you offer any form of finance or timed payment plans?

As a building and construction company, we do not offer financial services. However, we can help the buyer arrange finance. This option, if required by the buyer is usually discussed at the site survey stage.

Can I offset the full costs I pay you as a business expense?

If you run your own business and you intend on using your new modular build or garden room for business purposes, you should be able to offset the costs as a business expense. We suggest you talk to your accountant for final clarification on this as each persons business circumstances are different.

How long do your modular buildings / garden rooms last?

We use the best architects, designers and tradesmen in the business. Along with the best materials, our modular buildings and garden rooms are designed, built and installed to such a level that they will last a lifetime and beyond.

Do your modular builds / rooms come with a warranty?

All buildings supplied by us come with a 10 year structural guarantee. This guarantee excludes storm and malicious damage.

Do you offer any form of an after sales service plan?


Once your modular build is delivered and installed, we are readily available to our customers.

Any problems that you encounter post installation will be dealt with professionally and promptly and rectified by our installation team in line with our terms and conditions.

Do you have another question?

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