Our Range of Modular Buildings

Explore our range of our modular buildings and garden rooms. Each build can be customized to any layout and size to meet your specific requirements and taste.

GoMod 15

Our modular building «GoMod 15» is a great option for 1-2 people. The compact and cozy space has a living room with a bed, a bathroom and terrace. It keeps warm in any weather.

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GoMod 30

A small and cozy modular home, the «GoMod 30» offers three rooms: a main living space, bedroom and bathroom, which come decorated in a modern design.
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GoMod 45

A beautiful modular build, the «GoMod 45» has an area of 45m2 and a special feature in this building is the presence of 2 bedrooms. If desired, instead of the second bedroom, you can increase the area of the living room.

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GoEco 30

Our impressive modular building «GoEco 30» is a modern and comfortable house consisting of two modules. Its area is 30 m2, which is perfect for a small family. It can be used as a eco living space, garden room of fitness studio.

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GoEco 40

For lovers of minimalism and simplicity, there is our modular house «GoEco 40». The total area is 44 m2. The house is made in the form of a square, this modular building will keep you warm all year round.

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GoEco 97

A large modular home living space «GoEco 97» is expertly designed and built with an area of 88m2. It has two bedrooms, a garage, a boiler room, which is suitable for families with children.
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