GoMod 15

Our modular home «GoMod 15» is a great option for 1-2 People. This compact and cosy house has a living room with a bed, a bathroom and a small terrace. Thanks to the materials used, it keeps extremely warm all year round.


The GoMod 15 is a unique and stylish versatile space that is perfect for anyone looking for a living space or looking to add a little extra room to their home or garden. It can be used as a home or it’s layout can be customized to your needs and changed to a home gym or office space among many other uses.

At 15m2, GoMod 15 is built with high quality materials and attention to detail, ensuring that they are durable and last a lifetime. The walls are constructed with sturdy timber framing and features a fresh, spacious interior that allows for plenty of natural light. It is designed to blend in seamlessly with your garden, with a beautiful exterior and integrated small terrace area that merges the indoor and outdoor space.

The GEALAN windows, Viljandi doors and Knuaf ecoboard insulated walls provide excellent heat and sound insulation with the patented ventilation system allowing for a controlled exchange between the inside the outside air that provides improved room climate and greater living comfort. The premium, high quality laminate flooring gives a warm and inviting atmosphere while the profiled roof with polymer coating ensures the roof is durable, long lasting and easy to maintain offering superior protection against the elements. The space has been designed to be extremely energy efficient and environmentally friendly to keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

Our experienced team of professionals can work with you to customize the space to your exact needs. Whether you are looking for a place to live, work, relax or host guests, the GoMod 15 garden space is the perfect solution.

Square (m2): 15
Floors: 1
Construction time (days): 60-90
Height (mm): 2780
Length (mm): 6000
Width (mm): 2500

  • Frame: dry planed board 145 * 45 mm
  • Zero overlap: logs made of dry planed board 195*45 mm
  • Internal walls:racks made of dry planed board 70*45 mm or 95*45 mm
  • Fasteners: screw galvanized nails
  • Floor: OSB 18mm
  • Knauf Ecoboard
  • External walls: insulation 150 mm
  • Zero overlap: insulation 200 mm
  • Roof: insulation 200mm
  • Internal walls: soundproofing 100 mm
  • Membranes: wind-waterproof, vapor barrier
  • Profiled roofing sheet with RAL polymer coating
  • Rafter system: dry planed board 195 * 45 mm
  • Finish: the cutting board or 95 * 28 mm board
  • Painting: in 2 coats Viva Color Villa Lasur Akva
  • Walls and ceilings: pine plank or gypsum plank in 1 layer, light color
  • Floor: laminate, class 32, bleached oak color
  • Finishing in the bathroom: gray tiles in combination with light gray
  • Ceiling: moisture resistant plasterboard, plaster and painting
  • Windows: GEALAN S8000 IQ (74mm 6kam) White inside, brown outside
  • Entrance door with lock and handle: Viljandi doors (Dulcija, Alexia) chocolate brown color.
  • Interior doors: white with fittings and trims
  • Cable: NYM / VVG, in a corrugated pipe, outlet to the installation sites of sockets including sockets, switches schneider brand
  • Switchboard: assembly with disconnection of groups of automatic devices
  • Automatic devices and RCDs: schneider
  • Mortise installation: socket outlets, sockets, switches (white), panel lights
  • Ceiling lamps: ModoLED 12W LED light panel 160 * 160 mm MLP10155
  • сантехника JIKA or analogue
  • Grohe taps and fittings
  • Shower cabin
  • Boiler 50l
  • Supply ventilation
  • water supply inserts, sewerage
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